Overall Experience Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Palatine

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I am not here to bash anyone and normally do not write reviews, but felt my horrible experience needed to be heard. I had a free MVP coupon in the mail for this location so I decided to take advantage and go on 02.18.18. First, I watched my stylist (I didn't know yet she'd be my stylist as well) not give a receipt to the guy who's haircut she just cut out of frustration that her co-workers were not helping her at all and let guy just walk out without taking any information or validating his coupon. So now my turn and she expressed her dislike in the company and the way they were running things numerous times and also made a point to tell me she already had a full-time job and didn't really need this gig. After only a few minutes I had even learned how she felt they were not training her and how she'd most likely be leaving soon anyway just after being employed there for 3 weeks. All that really didn't bother me, other than it was obviously not appropriate. But what started to irritate me was her lack of attention to how I had asked she cut my hair. Either she was clearly not paying attention or didn't care, whatever but the hair cut I received was terrible. I had already asked her to cut my hair shorter and try to smooth everything out, but I had this sinking feeling that my she was not capable. Upon getting my hair washed, I noticed another patron was getting a massage, but his feet/legs were up in a nice reclining position...she never did that for me. Maybe she didn't know how, but I noticed. Afterwards, I received a massage but the damage to my hair was done. The customer line was so backed up that I didn't even wait for a receipt, I just left. I didn't realize just how bad my haircut was until I got home and my wife took pictures. In a word, I was disgusted. It was so bad that I needed to take more time out of my day to go to my normal spot and have someone there fix it...there was no way I was stepping foot back into that SportClips or any other SportsClips for that matter. I thought SportsClips was a step up in these types of chain haircut places, especially with their higher prices. Coupon or no coupon, I'll never go back. My experience was absolutely pathetic from the minute I sat down in the waiting area. Greatly disappointed.

5 rating

No waiting and haircut is perfect everytime.

4 rating

Appreciated no wait, quick cut, and pretty good job. The price could have been less than it was.

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