Third Party Reviews

Kevin Maher | December 07, 2018 |

"I like Sports Clips but this location wasn't the best experience. I came in with my son for both of us to get haircuts and we walked out with uneven cuts. We didn't notice until afterwards. While we were getting the haircut, the phone rang and whomever answered lied about being able to give a really small child a haircut and admitted it in front of everyone. After they hung up the employees proceeded to talk about "nightmare" kids and basically talk smack about clients - while there were clients in chairs. Maybe it was an off-day or early on a Saturday but I didn't think that was professional at all. The uneven cuts for both my son and I were the main reason for two stars."

Bill W | October 16, 2018 |

"Closest thing to a "spa" I go to. Been here many times over 4 years."

Sarah Cobert | May 04, 2016 |

"THE BEST EVER!!!!!! They are always so welcoming and very knowledgable"

Vincent Fabbri | August 30, 2018 |

"Literally the worst sports clips store there is. Everytime I show up (at least 3 hours before closing time) the store is closed with a note in the door saying they closed early. This has happened 3 times and I will not return."

Halicia H. | April 01, 2012 |

"I brought my son in for a haircut and we arrived at 4:45, they close at 5pm. The manager says to my family and two other men waiting "thanks for coming right before closing". How rude! Then the lady cutting my sons hair, cut my son. I won't be going back!"

Guy Sterrett | May 12, 2018 |

"Fast friendly service. I have been there mant times and always get a great haircut"

Mark F. | March 05, 2011 |

"I received a "free haircut" coupon for this seemingly-sexist hair cutting establishment. I was hesitant. However, for the low, low price of free I thought, "how bad it could be?" As SOON as I walked in, I was greeted cheerily. The girls were dressed in black pants and almost-too-tight-low-cut ref shirts. Whatever, still respectable and I went with it. The hair cut gal (Sarah - really nice) explained everything I could have and, lucky me, since it was my first time I was upgraded to the MVP treatment (shampoo (minty), warm face towel and massage). A good bonus and a smart marketing bit to get you used to the upgrades early. Smart and enjoyable. Sarah explained their sanitary policies. I spaced out since I'm so used to Great Clips and being nervous. The place was incredibly well lit. Sports were on flat screens throughout. As soon as I went to get my hair washed, another gal vacuumed up my mounds of hair (I was shaggy). I do recommend the warm towel on your face while you get a shampoo. I thought I would hate it. It felt great and instantly relaxed me. Overall, this place really surprised me. It wasn't as sexist as I assumed it would be. When you have to pay, they're affordable. $17-23 is worth it, in my opinion. The sounds of sports while my hair fell was beautiful and the service was outstanding. I may have a new home for my haircuts."

Dmitry K. | April 27, 2015 |

"I was stopping by at Starbucks nearby and decided to have haircut . I noticed that barber shop sport clips and walked in . No waiting time that's plus, but hairdresser Jamie didn't improve me at all . She was acting like rookie to me . Kind of slow and hesitating to do anything right. Maybe she got a lot customers who complained about her service. Anyway I walked out with uneven cut on the sides , although Ive asked her to correct it . Think to yourself ...."

Mark D. | December 21, 2015 |

"I had a coupon to get the MVP Experience for $7.00 which is regularly $25.00. While I was pleased with my cut, the additional services, shampoo, hot face towel, vibrating shower chair and 45 seconds use of a power massager doesn't add up to $25.00 for me. And at $18.00 for just a regular cut, I'll stick to other places like Great Clips."

Lisa G. | July 16, 2017 |

"Tried this place out for my son, who is 7. We wanted to try a barber men's only place! The wait was about 20 mins not bad. All of the hair cut women seemed to be taking their time and doing a good job! I think I got the one person who could give 2 craps about who she was cutting , the person who dislikes their job . She took no care with my 7 yr old and gave him a mediocre hair cut and cut behind his ear and drew blood I forgot to photograph because if I had gotten a photo I would have contacted corporate! I really wish I got one of the ladies who took time with their customers as the 2 other ladies cutting hair asked questions about every little aspect of their haircut! Not my lady - I asked my husband if he had gotten snipped maybe it was a thing with guys cuts! Nope he said no one ever made him bleed! I did tell her she made him bleed and no apology or discount was given - poor manners as a mother !!! Anyways rant over the stylist was either Hispanic or Indian! Dark skinned non American sorry for description just trying to be honest!"